Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator

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  • Dual Fuel (Petrol/Propane) powered 182cc Champion 4-stroke OHV engine.
  • With a 15L tank this unit can run up to 10 hours at 50% load running on petrol.
  • With a 19kg bottle this unit can run up to 23 hours at 50% load running on LPG.
  • Muliple outlets including 2 x 220v 16amp.
  • 68 dBA noise level at 7 metres.
  • Overload protection and economy mode to save fuel.
  • Intelligauge and AVR.

The Champion Power Equipment CPG3500E2-DF DF Dual Fuel, Petrol or LPG, portable generator, is powered by a Euro 5, 182cc Champion single cylinder, 4-stroke OHV engine that produces 2500 running watts & 2800 max watts on petrol and 2600 max watts & 2300 running watts on LPG.

With a 15 litre fuel tank this unit can run up to 10 hours at 50% load running on petrol or running off propane 23hrs based on 19kg bottle (0.84kg/hr based on 50% Load). Our OHV engine is equipped with a low oil shut-off sensor and designed for long life and easy maintenance. This unit is ideal for RV's, camping trips, hunting, travelling, picnics, jobs around the house, or home back-up power during emergencies. Patented volt guard system installed to protect spikes and surges on appliances & equipment also included patented Cold Start technology.

The benefits of LPG:

  • The biggest attraction of LPG is the lower running costs (bottled gas is about 30% - 50% cheaper to run currently than petrol, the larger the cylinder the cheaper the gas becomes). As fuel becomes more expensive this becomes an even more attractive offer.
  • You have greater flexibility with regards to extending the running time, just use a bigger cylinder if you need a longer running time; you are no longer limited by the internal fuel tank.
  • Cleaner emissions allows for use in situations where petrol is not appropriate such as around food or on those sites that do not allow petrol for fire risk precautions.
  • There are also no petrol storage problems, eg. Smells.
  • Minimal risk of fuel spillage, as the fuel is not “loose”/fluid, also there is less chance of the fuel source being stolen.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the cleaner running; petrol decays over time and can block the carburettor or hinder its operation.
  • LPG does not have this problem as the LPG is sealed there is no chance of degradation. This leads to extended life of the spark plug and generator components.
  • A lot easier to refuel just connect up a new bottle. With more and more councils and campsites banning the use of petrol and diesel we feel that the demand of LPG Generators will only increase in the future.

Please note that the majority of the competitions Dual Fuel models in the UK tend to be “retrofits” which invalidate the Manufacturer’s Warranty! Whilst Champion lead the way with their dual fuel patented technology & their machines are Factory fitted & therefore the 3 years Manufacturer’s Warranty is fully supported.

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    What Will it Power? Ideal for powering a fridge, furnace, lights, TV, other small appliance or a few household items.

    Please Note: 110v is 40-50% lower output (watts) than 230v, if full power is required on 110v than a single phase 110v only generator is required.

    All newly manufactured products are EU Stage V Compliant.

    Starting Watts3125 (Petrol)
    2875 (LPG)
    Max Watts2800 (Petrol)
    2600 (LPG)
    Rated Watts2500 (Petrol)
    2300 (LPG)
    Fueldual fuel
    Noise Level @ 7m (dBA)68
    AC Load2 x 220 16amp
    Socket Rating16 / 16
    Start TypeRecoil, Electric
    Engine CC196.0
    Engine HP6.0
    Power Factor1.0
    Fuel Capacity (L)15.0
    Oil Tank (ml)600
    Choke TYpeManual
    Regulator Type37mBar (Included)
    Low Oil ShutoffAutomatic
    Electric StartYes
    Overload ProtectionYes
    AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)Yes
    Fuel GaugeYes
    Volt GuardYes
    Warranty (Years)3
    CertificationCE, E10 Petrol Compliant, EU Stage V
    IP RatingIP23M
    Weight (kg)55.0
    Dimensions mm (HxLxW)525 x 715 x 500

    What's in the box

    • Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator With Electric Start
    • Operating manual
    Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator User Manual Download
    Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator Technical Drawing Download
    Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator Brochure Download
    Champion 2800 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Generator Specification Sheet Download

    Use this guide to get an approximation of the wattage required to run your equipment.

    Only add Watts together if you plan on using the products at the same time. For a more in-depth wattage review, use our handy Wattage Calculator.

    Machine Power in Watts Starting Coefficient
    Coffee Maker 750-1050 1
    Deep Freeze 90-400 3+
    Fryer 1800-2000 1
    Grill 1000-2500 1
    Hair Dryer 1800-2200 1
    Microwave Oven 1200-1600 2
    Mixer 300-700 1
    Oven 1800-3000 1
    Refrigerator 50-250 3
    Steam Iron 1400-2260 1
    Toaster 850-1150 1
    Tumble Dryer 1200-2500 1
    Vacuum Cleaner 700-1800 1
    Washing Machine 2100-2400 1.5
    Machine Power in Watts Starting Coefficient
    Desk Lamp 50-150 1
    Radio 50-150 1
    TV 100-350 1
    Machine Power in Watts Starting Coefficient
    Angle Grinder 500-900 2
    Cement Mixer 500-850 3
    Circular Saw 1000-1600 1.5
    Compressor 1200-2500 3+
    Drill 500-1100 1
    Finishing Sander 135-350 1
    Grinder 120-400 1.5
    Hammer Drill 600-800 1
    High Pressure Washer 1200-3000 3
    Hot Air Gun 1600-2000 1
    Jig Saw 350-750 1
    Orbital Sander 300-450 1
    Peeling Machine 1800-2000 1
    Planer 470-750 1
    Router 800-1300 1
    Spray Gun 95-750 1
    Machine Power in Watts Starting Coefficient
    Chain Saw 1400-1800 2
    Hedge Trimmer 400-800 2
    Lawn Mower 300-1600 2
    Shredder 700-2500 2
    String Trimmer 200-600 2
    Machine Power in Watts Starting Coefficient
    Air-conditioner 500-2500 3+
    Heating 1000-1800 1


    (Champion Generators is a trading brand of Winch Solutions Ltd.)

    Warranty Qualifications

    We at Champion understand the importance of warranty for service & repair, we are now offering a standard 2 Year (Warrior Diesel & selected Champion products) & 3 year warranty (Champion generator models Only) .

    Please view the limitations below and read the full T&C’s about the warranty offered on a particular product.


    Repair / Replacement Warranty

    Champion equipment (selected Champion products) warrants to the original purchaser up to 3 Years for domestic usage that the mechanical and electrical components will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of One (1) year [Parts and Labour] Year Two (2) and Year Three (3) [Parts Only] from the original date of purchase or a 1000 hours which ever comes first.

    Industrial & Commercial Use Year One (1) [Parts and Labour] and Year Two (2) [Parts Only] or 1000 hours which ever comes first.

    Warrior branded diesel generators warrants to the original purchaser up to 2 Years for domestic usage that the mechanical and electrical components will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of Year One (1)  [Parts and Labour] Year Two (2) [Parts Only] from the original date of purchase or 1000 hours which ever comes first.

    Industrial & Commercial Use One Year (1) [Parts and Labour] or 500 hours which ever comes first.

    Transportation charges on any product or part(s) submitted for repair or replacement under this warranty are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

    Warranty Exclusions

    This warranty DOES NOT cover the following:

    Normal Wear

    Your product needs periodic parts and service to perform well. This warranty does not cover repair when normal use has exhausted the life of a part or the equipment as a whole.

    Installation, Use and Maintenance

    This warranty will be voided and (or) not apply to parts or labour if your product is deemed to have been misused, neglected, involved in an accident, abused, overloaded beyond the generator’s limits, modified (Incl exhaust extension & filtration), installed improperly (Any out building, sheds, garages, confined spaces or vehicles), connected incorrectly to any electrical component or used for hire purposes. Normal maintenance is not covered by this warranty.

    Other Exclusions

    This warranty excludes:
    – cosmetic defects such as paint, decals, Stickers
    – worn parts including piston & rings, spark plugs, filters
    – accessory parts including funnels, spanners, spark plug tubes, stands, wheels, recoil assemblies
    - any electrical component other than main control unit like wiring, fuses, connectors, switches, dials, displays and knobs.
    - all hoses, pipes Reducing valves and Regulators (Plastic, Rubber, Copper or Steel)
    – failures due to acts of God and other force majeure events beyond the manufacturer’s control
    – problems caused by parts that are not original Champion Power Equipment parts
    - alteration or modification(s) made by any party other than the manufacturer including exhaust extension and filtration systems.
    - any third party electrical equipment

    12v Battery

    – All batteries supplied Over 1 Year Old.

    Suitable Transfer Switch

    Any MTS (Manual Transfer) & ATS (Automatic Transfer) systems other that ones supplied by ourselves under WARRIOR or CHAMPION will not be considered suitable and will invalidate all warranties given. Please contact us direct before installing any Transfer system.

    Limits of Implied Warranty and Consequential Damage

    Winch Solutions Ltd (CG) disclaims any obligation to cover any loss of time, use of this product, freight, or any incidental or consequential claim costs by anyone using this product.


    A unit provided as an exchange will be subject to the warranty of the original unit. The length of the warranty governing the exchanged unit will remain calculated by reference to the purchase date of the original unit. This warranty gives you certain legal rights which may change from country to country. Your country may also have other rights you may be entitled to that are not listed within this warranty.

    To keep your Champion Dual Fuel Generator in good running order, please adhere to the service guide below.

    This guide can also be found in your Owners Manual.

    Every 8 hours or prior to each use
    Check oil level
    Clean around air intake and muffler
    Check propane (LPG) hose for leaks
    First 5 hours (break in)
    Change oil
    Every 50 hours or annually
    Clean air filter
    Change oil if operating under heavy load or in hot environments
    Every 100 hours or annually
    Change oil
    Clean/adjust spark plug
    Clean spark arrestor
    Clean fuel valve filter*
    Every 250 hours
    Clean combustion chamber*
    Check/adjust valve clearance*
    Every 3 years
    Replace fuel line*
    Replace LPG hose

    * To be performed by knowledgeable, experienced owners or CPE certified service centers.

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